Tip of My Tongue (2016)

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Tip of My Tongue (2016)

Director Lynne Sachs in person

Visiting Filmmakers

“It’s a mesmerizing ride through time, a dreamscape full of reflection and wonder”—Screen Slate

Documentarian Lynne Sachs returns to the Wex with her latest film, Tip of My Tongue. For her 50th birthday, Sachs gathered together a diverse group of New Yorkers who shared one thing in common: their age. Weaving together a weekend full of personal reflections, shared recollections of important world events, and other generational connections, the work gently reveals the unpredictable way our lives unfold. As a Screen Slate reviewer observed, “Sachs’ brilliant body of work has often focused on the curious dance between histories…so it is no surprise that her latest film moves across a myriad of topics with skill and grace.” (80 mins., DCP)

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