“Wait Here” at (Not) Sheep Gallery

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View Priscilla Roggenkamp’s Wait Here at (Not) Sheep Gallery. In these works, Roggenkamp explores the fate that many refugees and immigrants encounter as they near their destination. They are held up in limbo, a space in between, a state of suspension as lives are led, babies are born and people die, while the group stagnates. There are refugee camps where temporary means years. There are roadblocks of bureaucracy to endure. There is the frustration of being held up in another country, and times of uncertainty for those who wait in this country.

Roggenkamp’s artworks are textile sculptures where the figure and clothing are also formed as baggage, carry-alls and vessels made of the frustrations and dreams of those who Wait Here. With each choice, fabric, form, and technique, the artist’s hope to conjure the passage of time, the emotional burdens carried, the frustration of uncertainty, and the remnants of hope one might encounter. She intends for these forms to be a comment on contemporary times, as well as a reminder of our own immigrant backstories.

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