Wild Sounds: Program Two

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Wild Sounds: Program Two

Visiting Filmmakers

 Tue, Mar 21, 2017 7 PM

From cacophony, a clarity? Voices double back or search for a method of address in this engrossing program of short films by artists such as Anne Charlotte Robertson, Gunvor Nelson, and Pedro Chaskel and Pablo Salas. Series cocurator Genevieve Yue and artist Cauleen Smith will be on hand to discuss the program, which features three of Smith’s works, including her recently restored Chronicles of a Lying Spirit (by Kelly Gabron). (program approx. 75 mins., video and 16mm)

In some of Columbus-native Anne Charlotte Robertson’s diary films, she later records a second, more distanced, narration overtop of (and sometimes contradicting) the more manic narration that she recorded at the time of filming. In Chronicles of a Lying Spirit (by Kelly Gabron) (presented in a beautiful new 16mm restoration by the Academy Film Archives), the voice of Smith’s alter-ego Kelly Gabron narrates her own story, countering the voice of a “classical” male narrator. Gunvor Nelson’s landmark My Name Is Oona is a hypnotic portrait of her young daughter, with a soundtrack by Steve Reich. Pedro Chaskel and Pablo Salas’s inspiring Somos + follows a political demonstration by Chilean women who rise up with a unified voice against Augusto Pinochet’s military regime.

Program Order

A Pilot for a Show About Nowehere (Martine Syms, 2015, 24 min, BluRay)
Get Well Soon (Carolyn Lazard, 2015, 13.5 min, digital)
Five Year Diary, Reel 23: A Breakdown After the Mental Hospital (Anne Charlotte Robertson, 1982, 26 mins, video)
Chronicles of a Lying Spirit (by Kelly Gabron) (Cauleen Smith, 1992, 7 mins, 16mm)
Sine and the Canyon & Sine at the Sea (by Kelly Gabron) (Cauleen Smith, 2010/2016, 5 mins, digital)
Entitled (Cauleen Smith, 2008, 7 mins, video)

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