Wine About It at Heartfelt Yoga Studio

7:45 pm - 8:45 pm


FREE wine and guided meditation. Donations are appreciated.

Come as you are. Donate as you can [gotta replenish that wine fund ; )]. Be who you need.

Ever cried in yoga? Yep, me too. Bad day? Bad breakup? Fight with family? Laid off work? We’ve all been there. Hump day is hard so celebrate Wine Wednesday with us.

Basically, this is an hour to just be and connect. Real, authentic human connection fulfills our deepest need – to love and be loved [& also FREE WINE]

The first 30 minutes you will have the option to chat / vent / whine / journal / color / WHATEVER [with a free glass of wine for those of age ; )] & the last 30 minutes will be a guided meditation by one of our very own.

Sign-up here.

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