Yours in Sisterhood (Irene Lusztig, 2018) Director Irene Lusztig in person

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


To frame her project, filmmaker Irene Lusztig selected unpublished letters written in the 1970s to Ms., America’s first mainstream feminist magazine. She then found women of similar age, race, and class living in the same city as each original writer and filmed them reading and responding to an unpublished letter—including two from Ohio.

The results show the uniqueness of each woman’s life, as well as the issues of 1970s second-wave feminism presented against today’s more intersectional movement (while sometimes blurring the distinction between those timeframes). Yours in Sisterhood offers a glimpse of how things have and haven’t changed for the lives and concerns of women in the US over the course of decades. (101 mins., DCP)

$6.00 members, students, seniors
$8.00 general public

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