In partnership with the Greater Columbus Arts Council, the June 2014 Gallery Hop will feature Evan Smith, a local unicyclist and juggler with a plethora of experience and a love for entertaining.

Smith has been unicycling since the first grade when his family joined a local group, Jest Jugglers. “As I grew, my unicycles got larger, too. I now ride “giraffe” unicycles and big wheels,” Smith said. “My signature trick is free-mounting a three-wheeled unicycle that is about seven-foot high.” He also performs unique tricks such as wheel-walking, one-legged unicycling and club juggling.

“Juggling atop a giant uni gives me a unique perspective on the world. I enjoy looking out over a large audience who are happy to be entertained by my juggling,” Smith said. He especially enjoys watching the looks on kids' faces when they see him in amazement for the first time.

One of Smith’s most memorable performances came after an impromptu audition. “I took a smaller uni and my juggling clubs to Key West one summer, auditioned for and was chosen to perform at Mallory Square, which is a famous site for street buskers. I was happy to know that I was good enough to perform there.”

Smith has also been a featured performer at several International Jugglers Association festivals. “It is always exciting to perform for others who appreciate the tricks I am performing,” he said.

Indeed, the most rewarding aspect of unicycling and juggling for Smith is the entertainment he provides. “The best thing about juggling and unicycling is that these skills have enabled me to meet so many interesting and great people,” he said. “It’s rewarding to entertain for people who are excited to watch my performance because I know I’ve made their day a little brighter.”

Evan Smith will be performing in front of Bollinger Tower from 5-9pm on Saturday, June 7 during Gallery Hop.

For more information about Evan Smith, click here.

Photos courtesy of Evan Smith

– Michelle Gibson