On the first Saturday of every month, art aficionados across the area gather for Gallery Hop, the Short North Arts District’s premier showcase for local and national artists and their latest works. This March, galleries all throughout High Street display their newest works, transcending expectations. Impossibly unpredictable, the galleries of the Short North have everything from thought provoking, to fashion forward, to the very plainly stated “weird” works of art. Inspiring, creative, and sometimes whimsical, this is the latest in this month’s art exhibits:






Brandt-Roberts Galleries is featuring a piece by Winnie Sidharta, a recent MFA graduate of The Ohio State University. Her work has been exhibited in Columbus, New York, Indonesia and China. In addition to creating art studio works, she currently teaches as an adjunct lecturer with The Ohio State University. 








Lindsay Gallery is featuring Four Ways of Looking, Bidwa, Fairchild, and Gall, Sanders in which was curated by Linda Gall.  This piece is designed to consider the threads that bind the paintings of seemingly disparate artists. Working independently, all four artists share environmental concerns while expressing their relationship with the natural world in highly individual ways. 







Sherrie Gallerie invites you to join them this March in celebrating Markus: a talented, generous, spirited woman who was a gift to us all. Artist Ruth Markus’ three sons, Helge, Stanley, and John created this display with the hopes of enlightening others with her work and life. This special exhibition of her artwork is dedicated to what would have been her 89th birthday. 











Paul Palnik is displaying "36 Years of Nude Yodeling in Latvia; a retrospective." His piece will be on display until the end of March. Much of Palnik’s work has a history of thought-provoking humor; normally, his pieces touch base on the trials of the human mentality and everyday life. 






March's exhibition at Roy G Biv features a diverse array of artists. Agnes Burris paints cargo ships as they sink at sea; Andy Plank dissects the idea of "post.” Artist Kaveri Raina speaks to the compression of time and the received dualities of East and West. These exhibits will be on display for the entirety of the month, culminating in a talk series on Saturday, March 30, at 2:30 pm. 








pm Gallery is hosting Columbus based, self-taught artist Charles Wince and his exhibit for the month of March. His unique approach has been described at various times as Outsider/Visionary, Neo-Expressionist, Gonzo, and just plain Weird. He has received a lot of favorable press throughout the years, and has exhibited in over one hundred venues.










Sharon Weiss Gallery is hosting artist Sophie J. Knee exhibit “Pattern” during the month of March. 











Studios on High Gallery presents "Bolts, Bags, and Bling" by Jacquline Bledsoe.  An artisan handbag designer, she is revealing her anticipated spring line.  Bledsoe chose to feature natural fiber mixes of silk, cotton, and leather textiles to build the foundation of her handcrafted bags.






Surely, with such a wide array of works catering to tastes of art lovers everywhere, Short North galleries are celebrating their share of successes, with even more exciting plans to anticipate in the future.