Grid Furnishings
Indra’s Net
Artist: Matthew Gallagher

Grid Furnishings exhibits “Indra’s Net,” paintings by Matthew Gallagher, Grand Award Winner of this year’s AICUO Award for Excellence.  Gallagher is a graduating senior at Oberlin College.

“My visual art deals with my desire to express images and colors I feel in reaction to auditory stimuli,” said Gallagher of his paintings. Gallagher is also the Chief Operating Officer of We Are the Catalystan – an emerging arts publication.



pm gallery
City Lights
Artist Deane Arnold
May 4 – June 30, 2013

Urban landscapes by Deane Arnold of Columbus, Ohio. The acrylic on canvas paintings are a view of Columbus that most don’t see. Textural, vivid and moody, they show the beauty that is in the dark.

Deane has moved from photorealistic paintings to something even truer, capturing the emotions and wonder of a city at night. This is his first show, despite being an active artist for many years. His work has ranged from airbrushing to woodworking, sign making and illustration.



Brandt-Roberts Galleries
Artistic Verve
Artists: Maria Alejandra Zanetta and Janet Grissom

The dynamic exhibition will include the visions of Maria Alejandra Zanetta and Janet Grisssom.  Zanettta creates bold, colorful interpretations of urban spaces and abstract forms in the linocut and collage medium. Working in oils, Grissom produces vibrant, heavily textured landscapes and seascapes that are memorably tactile.



Marcia Evans Gallery
A Study Color
Artist Annette Poitau
April through May 25, 2013
A French-born American painter, Annette received her MFA with honors from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and also studied in New York.

This solo show represents bold new abstracts, rich in color and texture, and grounded in dynamic natural forms representative of the earth and elements of the human body. Annette explores a technique that is analogous to the geological processes of sedimentation and erosion that help to shape the earth.








Terra Gallery
Spring Salon Show
The May show at Terra Gallery features colorful landscape, floral and abstract works. Exhibit opens during the May 4th Gallery Hop and runs through May 30, 2013.











Studios on High Gallery
The Potential of Pastel
Artists: Sandy Reddig and Jeanette Kandray
May 4 – 31, 2013
Pastel works by Sandy Reddig include portraits that celebrate the beauty, character and personality of our family generations and community along with pastel landscapes and still life. Jeanette Kandray tints translucent polymer clay with pastels to capture the soft colors of nature that add depth and interest to her jewelry.









Sherrie Gallerie
Sherrie Gallerie will feature the ceramic work of artist Julie Woodrow during the month of May. Julie is an artist as well as an art teacher at Worthington Kilbourne High School. Woodrow throws her form on the potters wheel, then spends hours carving the surface.  The work is then either Raku-fired or glazed with sumptuous color and then fired. Join us at Sherrie Gallerie for an artist reception during the May Gallery Hop 5-7PM.











Lindsay Gallery
Artist: Stephen Sabo
The intricate designs of deceased Columbus woodcarver, Stephen Sabo, will continue to be on display at Lindsay Gallery through May 31. Learn about the amazing way these works were discovered and more about the artist’s life and inspiration this month at Lindsay Gallery.







ROY G BIV Gallery
Roy G Biv gallery exhibits works from Nicole Crock and David King for the month of May. Join us at the opening reception during Gallery Hop May 4th and again for the artists’ talk Saturday May 25th 2:30PM.












Brothers Drake
Artist: Genevi Schindehutte
May 4 – 31, 2013
From under the Bodhi tree where the Buddha is said to have found enlightenment and the holy cities along the Ganges to the dusty city streets and the rooftop views of life underway, the Indian scape is rich with color and character. Inspired by my recent travel through India, this collection explores the movements and behaviors of light through the lens.







LP Designs
Artist: Keith Klingenberg
May 4 – 31, 2013
Klingenberg’s paintings and photographs focus on the natural world and the things he collects.  Klingenberg pays special attention to landscapes that have been altered by people in some way, whether it is a place still in use, or land that has lost its usefulness to people and nature is reclaiming it.








Stone Village Church
Artist: Jessica Weathersby
May 4 – 31, 2013
A collection of delicate print art of depth and luscious intricacies.