The Columbus Bicentennial has been the inspiration behind the Short North Arts District’s latest creative project, 10 x 10 x 10: 10 Murals, 10 Galleries, and 10 Openings. Local artists associated with Columbus collaborated with the Short North galleries to display their works of art in the form of micro-murals along the High Street corridor. The Short North Arts District has been highly publicized as the leading arts district in the region and the micro-mural collaboration highlights the essence of what makes this destination so exceptional. One local gallery passionate about the current project is Marcia Evans Gallery, participating in the initiative with a featured piece from artist Larry Hamill. 

Marcia Evans Gallery is a contemporary gallery that features vibrant, bold, and one-of-a-kind abstract paintings, sculptures, and fine art. Owner and proprietor, Marcia Evans, chose the Short North Arts District for her storefront gallery because, as she simply states, “SNAD is the only place to be and I love being here.” Evans has been at this location for six and a half years but has been involved in the art gallery business for over twenty years. In the future, she will move forward with landscapes and abstract art but will incorporate more unusual, unexpected styles and varieties that “push the abstract envelope.” The goal being that these different selections will cascade into a broader scope of contemporary art.

The mural sponsored by Marcia Evans Gallery is a direct celebration of 200Columbus the Bicentennial. The well-known featured artist/photographer is Larry Hamill, whom Marcia credits as being, “a staple in the community.” Evans has known Hamill her entire career within the art gallery community. “Larry is renowned in the art community as one of the most prominent skyline photographers,” says Evans, “he continuously reinvents himself keeping his work fresh.” The location of the mural is directly across the street from her gallery on the side of the popular restaurant and nightclub, Level Dining Lounge.  Evans has chosen this particular work of Larry Hamill’s because when she thought of 200Columbus, she knew immediately that Larry’s photograph of the July 2012 Columbus skyline was exactly what she had envisioned. A picture is worth a thousand words and Marcia says, “This picture speaks 200Columbus.”

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