One thing that remains consistent through all of the ups and downs of life is the beauty of art and its ability to connect us, inspire us, and bring us joy. The Short North Arts District is home to over a dozen galleries that aim to pass the positivity of art by showcasing beautiful pieces from talented artists, many of which are local.

Now, it’s your turn. Pass the positivity of art by sharing the beauty, community, inspiration, and joy that you find during your next visit to the District.

Find Beauty

Whether you’re perusing art at a gallery or driving past a vibrant mural painted on the side of a building, there’s beauty to be found just about anywhere you look in the District.






Find Community

Art not only brings people together, but it often serves as an homage to the community. It’s common for the galleries in the District to showcase art that captures the true essence of Columbus.

Find Inspiration

Much of the art you see in the District also serves to tell a story or shed light on important issues that we face as a society. When you least expect it, you might encounter a piece of art at a gallery or a new public installation that either sparks creativity or opens your eyes to something that you never thought about before.





Find Joy

Sometimes you’ll stumble upon a particular piece of art that seems to be calling your name. By investing in a piece that you love from one of the galleries in the District, you’re investing in something that will remain truly valuable over time.






Learn more about the Short North Arts District Galleries here.