Summer Spray 2021

Summer Spray has returned for 2021! During this 11-week event, a 1,300-square-foot mural will be created outdoors on West Goodale Street, between High Street and Park Street, by 10 local artist over a six-week period. The artists also showcase their work in an exhibition space at 875 N. High St (between Bonobos and FERA) for 10 weeks in the Short North Arts District. Participating artists include:

Andrea Myers
Andrea Myers is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the space between two and three dimensionality, hybridizing painting, sculpture and fiber arts.

Ariel Peguero
Ariel Peguero, who works under the name Apeg Designs, focuses on curating experiences and building engaging, interactive, and unique campaigns around them. 

Derrick Callender
Derrick Callender is a full-time art teacher and artist who has a colorful and bold style that incorporates unique shapes and creative figures. 

Hakim Callwood
Hakim Callwood is a freelance illustrator and designer whose goal is to create self-sustaining, educational, hands-on visual art workspaces.

Khaila Carr
Khaila Carr is an artist whose work is influenced by color, psychedelia, and her Filipino-American heritage.

Felicia Dunson
Felicia Dunson, also known as FDZGRAFFITI, is a post-graffiti pop artist, fashion designer, and sculptor whose work is inspired by fashion, music, and color.

Sarah Hout
Sarah Hout is a muralist slinging vibrant shades of happy every chance she gets, and who is bent on upgrading every nook and cranny of her city with large-scale artwork.

Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson believes art is therapy – for both the artist and the viewer – and is honored to share his creativity with people, particularly if it can resonate over time and evolve.

Nicholas Schukay
Nicholas Schukay is passionate about rendering portraits and capturing a person’s life through an expression through his own style that he calls “social surrealism.”

Robert Williams
Robert Williams, who works under the name “Mrrobotgeek,” is an oil painter and tattoo artist who works in the Expressionist Cubism style using bright colors and abstract subjects to represent emotions.

Live Mural-Making Schedule 

August 7: Apeg Designs + Khalia Carr
August 14: Mrrobotgeek + Nicholas Schukay
August 21: Sarah Hout + Hakim Callwood
August 28: Derrick Callender
September 4: Lance Johnson + FDZGRAFFITI
September 11: Andrea Myers

Exhibition Schedule

August 14: Apeg Designs
August 21: Khaila Carr
August 28: Hakim Callwood
September 4: Nicholas Schukay
September 11: Lance Johnson
September 18: Andrea Myers
September 25: Sarah Hout
October 2: Mrrobotgeek
October 16: Derrick Callender

This project is presented by PNC Bank, and made possible with additional support from the Greater Columbus Arts CouncilOhio Arts CouncilThe Pizzuti Companies and the Short North Alliance Art Fund.