Amongst Peers opened in the District in October 2020, operating as a fashion brand and retail hub that exists to elevate culture and promote new brands and ideas. We spoke with co-founder and store manager Mario Hairston about their mission, what makes Amongst Peers different, and more.

How would you describe Amongst Peers as a business, and what do you want guests to gain from their experience?

Amongst Peers is a creative hub for the community; a safe space for young creatives to come share ideas, gain knowledge, and be around like-minded people. The energy in the store and from the brand is warm and welcoming. Everybody who walks in our store is automatically family, and we want them to feel that way.

Your brand tagline is “Friends are Family.” What’s the story behind this, and how does it align with the mission of the business?

Most people tend to separate the two, but our goal is to bring them together as one. This brand was built on the backbone of friendship and fellowship.

In what ways is Amongst Peers different from other clothing brands?

Amongst Peers is different from a lot of brands because our clothing is a byproduct of our message. Everything we do is to push the message of community.

What has your experience in the Short North Arts District been like so far?

Being in the Short North has been amazing. The support during COVID has been great. We haven’t been able to capitalize on some of the perks due to COVID, but overall we are happy and appreciative.

What are you most looking forward to for the future of Amongst Peers?

The future of Amongst Peers looks lively and fun, with tons of events and community outreach.

How is Amongst Peers providing a Short North Safe experience for guests?

To provide a safe environment we are keeping the space sanitized, providing masks, and encouraging a safe distance.

Amongst Peers is located at 15 W. Fifth Ave and is open for a Short North Safe experience. For more information about contactless parking and other options, visit the Parking & Transit page.