Longtime art lover and first-time business owner Sarah Ivancic made her dream a reality when she opened Emergent Art + Craft on Lincoln Street this past October, joining the lively art scene in the District. We spoke with Ivancic about what inspired her to open Emergent, what their experience in the Short North Arts District has been like so far, what it’s been like to work with local artists, and more.

Ivancic is an artist herself and studied art in college, so she has always functioned within the crafting and art world. She knew she wanted to open a space that would inspire people and provide up-and-coming artists with an opportunity to showcase their work, which is how the idea for Emergent came to be. They’re focusing most on emerging artists who may not have yet had the chance to display their work in the Short North Arts District specifically. “The art world is highly competitive, so it can be difficult to get your name out there,” Ivancic said. “We’re trying to provide that little step up, or foot in the door, for as many people as we can.”

Emergent is working with Community Refugee & Immigration Services (CRIS) as members of their mentor program, Community Connectors, so some of the work currently being showcased was created by student mentees from the program. In addition to the monthly rotation of fine art that coincides with Gallery Hop, there are also a number of locally handmade items on display. These items complement the prints and paintings on the walls, and function as unique gifts for guests to purchase. The goal is to not only prioritize fine art, but also the art of woodworking, jewelry making, pottery, and the like.

The resilience of the community and the way it has been reflected through local art in the past year is something that has inspired Ivancic during the first few months of Emergent being open. “We’ve felt so welcomed by the other gallery owners in the District and the people continuing to support small businesses in this neighborhood,” she said. Emergent is located on Lincoln Street next to several other District galleries, so they’ve all coined the term “Gallery Row” in reference to the line of storefront galleries along the street.

In order to provide a Short North Safe experience for guests, Emergent prioritizes their online space for those who aren’t comfortable browsing in person. Most items featured in the gallery are also listed on their website. They’ve established a limited capacity since the gallery is a smaller space. Overall, they make sure to take all of the necessary precautions recommended by experts to ensure the safety of guests.

Ivancic has been busy visiting studios and recruiting fellow artists whose work inspires her, so they have an exciting lineup of work to feature through the rest of the year, including a variety of photography, abstract paintings, and realism pieces. As all of these plans for Emergent Art + Craft start to come to fruition in the near future, Ivancic said she’s “excited to continue to support and amplify voices in the arts world that need to be heard.”

Emergent Art + Craft is located at 14 E. Lincoln St. and is open for a Short North Safe experience. For more information about contactless parking and other options, visit the Parking & Transit page.