As the lovely warm weather starts to make its return, a number of restaurants and bars in the District are excited to offer outdoor dining options, which include on-street dining, patio seating, and/or open windows. Not only do these options allow guests to relax and enjoy some fresh air while dining, but they also provide a Short North Safe way to do so. To view the full guide to open air dining in the District, click here.

Patio Seating

Bakersfield, located at 733 N. High St

Bodega, located at 1044 N. High St – Situated in the heart of the neighborhood, this destination for craft beer has a wide array of food options. Dine out on the patio and enjoy their classic Grilled Cheese (only $1 on Mondays), a refreshing House Margarita (only $5 on Tuesdays), or some Crispy Chicken Wings (half off on Wednesdays).

Brassica, located at 680 N. High St

BrewDog Short North, located at 1175 N. High St

Bristol Republic, located at 1124 N. High St – Whether you’re dining on the patio with Brisket & Eggs for brunch or a BBQ Sandwich for dinner, Bristol Republic’s Nashville-inspired BBQ fare offers something for everyone. They also have a number of signature cocktails to sip on, like the Whiskey River or Bourbon & Bubbles.

Brothers Drake Meadery, located at 26 E. 5th Ave – Brothers Drake is certainly the place to be if you’re looking to try something new. They have plenty of unique meads to choose from and sip on in the warm weather, all crafted with locally sourced wildflower honey.

DeVine Tastings & Dining, located at 958 N. High St

Donatos/Black Brick, located at 920 N. High St

Hai Poké, located at 947 N. High St – We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the warm weather than by basking in the sun on the patio while enjoying a signature poké bowl or delicious fruit smoothie. The signature bowls at Hai Poké are surely worth the hype, but you have the option to build your own, too.

Hubbard Grille, located at 793 N. High St

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse, located at 569 N. High St

Julep, located at 1014 N. High St

Lincoln Social Rooftop, located at 711 N. High St

Local Cantina, located at 600 N. High St

Novak’s Tavern & Patio, located at 475 N. High St

Pocket Bar, located at 765 N. High St

SeeSaw, located at 906 N. High St

Shake Shack, located at 740 N. High St

Skully’s Music-Diner, located at 1151 N. High St

Tasi Cafe, located at 680 N. Pearl St – Tasi Cafe offers breakfast served all day, lunch, drinks, and everything in between. All of the items on the menu are made with fresh, whole ingredients.

The Eagle, located at 790 N. High St – Fried chicken, southern sides, craft beer, and Blues music – That’s what The Eagle is all about. Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening on the patio enjoying some classic American comfort food?

The Happy Greek, located at 660 N. High St – Enjoy some traditional Greek and Mediterranean fare at The Happy Greek, where award-winning gyros, hummus, moussaka, seafood, and more are loved by guests. They also have a full service bar with an array of Greek wines and liquors, domestic and imported beers, martinis, and coffee drinks.

Union Cafe, located at 895 N. High St – Between the modern American cuisine, extensive martini menu, and laid back patio overlooking High Street, Union Cafe does not disappoint.

White Castle, located at 965 N. High St

Open Windows

Arch City Tavern, located at 862 N. High St – Arch City Tavern is known for their streamlined food menu and classic modern cocktails, so stop by to enjoy a delicious meal by an open window. Consider trying one of their burgers, which are only $7 on Mondays.

Del Mar SoCal Kitchen, located at 705 N. High St

Fireproof Short North, located at 1026 N. High St

Lincoln Social Rooftop, located at 711 N. High St

Local Bar, located at 913 N. High St

Nida’s Thai on High, located at 976 N. High St – Nida’s Thai on High offers the best of Thai cuisine, which includes fan favorites like fresh spring rolls, Pad Thai, sweet and spicy curry, and fresh sushi. What more could you ask for?

Mac’s Proper Pub, located at 693 N. High St – If you’re in the mood for some hearty bar food with a Scottish twist, then Mac’s Proper Pub is the place for you. Snag a seat by a window and satisfy your craving with local favorites, including Scotch Eggs, Sauerkraut Balls, and Guinness Stew.

Marcella’s, located at 615 N. High St

Martini Modern Italian, located at 445 N. High St

ROOH, located at 685 N. High St – Some of the best Indian cuisine that Columbus has to offer can be found at ROOH in the heart of the District. They take a modern, progressive approach to Indian food, with impressive dishes like Jackfruit Kofta and Lamb Shank Nihari.

The Pearl, located at 641 N. High St

On-Street Dining

Del Mar SoCal Kitchen, located at 705 N. High St

Forno Kitchen + Bar, located at 721 N. High St

Goody Boy, located at 1144 N. High St

Marcella’s, located at 615 N. High St

Oddfellows Liqour Bar, located at 1038 N. High St

Short North Food Hall, located at 1112 N. High St

Standard Hall, located at 1100 N. High St

Short North Pint House, located at 780 N. High St

Click here to learn how to stay Short North Safe during your next visit to the District to protect employees, yourself, and other visitors!