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Feb 23 Build a Business in the Short North Arts District
Known as the city's destination for art, food, and nightlife, it may be as a surprise to many that the Short North Arts District is also one of Columbus’ hubs for innovation in business, design, and relations. A surprise at first that is, considering the District’s stretch of High Street has one of the highest concentrations of...
Feb 20 Gallery Spotlight: Little Fish Printing and Gallery
When first walking into Little Fish Printing and Gallery, someone could easily be reminded of home. Once you get past the professional aspects of the space, the computers and screen printers, desks and little swivel chairs, there’s a certain warmth that envelops. Heartfelt in its honesty and beautiful earnestness, Little Fish carries a...
Feb 17 Viewpoints Artist Talk: Jordan Tate
It’s hard to grasp what exactly Jordan Tate is adding to the art world, but it’s undoubtedly something incredible. Offering a dramatic contrast to the stark white of the walls, his photography exhibits toy at bending the line between art exhibit and science experiment. An Ohio native, though showing all over the nation, Tate will be at...
Feb 02 February Exhibitions
While the weather may not be the most appealing for a romp outside, these February exhibitions will surely to make up for the chilly temperatures. With frothy hot chocolates, coffee, and hot drinks at many of the stops along High Street, viewing what's new in the Columbus art scene won't leave you out in the cold.     ...
Jan 30 A Short North Valentine's Night
Offering a welcome break from the winter chill, Valentine’s Day is the chance to shake off the snow and snuggle up for a romantic date. Boasting the best in dining, drinking, and entertainment, the Short North Arts District is the best bet for a memorable night out. No place else in town can promise a night on February 14 as romantic one...
Jan 15 Business Spotlight: Laughlin's Bakery
Jonas Laughlin has two criteria for everything he makes: “It has to be delicious, and it has to be beautiful.” It’s safe to say the first-time store owner is living up to those expectations; on the grand opening day of Laughlin’s eponymously named bakery, which coincided with the Short North Arts District Holiday Hop on...